Fall Tuning and Toning Tips

Fall Into Fitness with core strengthening being the current trend! The concept is not new, just the terminology.  What does it mean?  The core are the muscles which support the trunk and spine such as the abdominals, back, pelvic. Strengthening the core creates the foundation for the overall body stability and balance, and helps with a smooth transfer of energy.  Having a strong core helps the muscles of the upper and lower extremities be more effective. Tennis requires the use of many muscle and therefore having a strong and stable core is very important.  Developing your core strength will in turn help generate speed, force, balance, posture, and improve the ability to change direction.  Due to better ability of the muscle to transfer energy through the trunk, less force has to be produced at one area, therefore reducing the risk of injury. There are a variety of exercises that strengthen the core. To discuss and demonstrate them, consult with one of our  exercise specialists from our fitness area to develop a program just for you to target these areas.  Dont wait, do it today as  it will make you healthier tomorrow!! 

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